Dev Build Pause glitch

Number : 95826b19e089dad5a367824db087ad07086aac10

Bug : When pausing for anything game freezes

More info : You can pause/unpause and animations will play but other than that it’s frozen .

What do you mean by “pausing”? If you press the play/pause button in the bottom left, the game is meant to pause, similarly to when the pause menu is opened.

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i never use that button, and the animations still play.

AFAIK animations are impossible to pause in Godot, as they play even if the game is set to be paused in Godot, due to the shader time parameter increasing anyway. It would be technically possible to prevent animations (at least the membrane and organelle ones) from playing while paused, but we would need to add a lot of custom code in them to update the shader parameters manually depending on if the nodes are paused or not. So it is not worth it to stop them.

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tnx for explaining!.