Devblog #14: Punctuated Equilibrium

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If you were to graph Thrive’s progress since its inception, you’d probably have a slow but steady background rate of development with occasional spikes in activity. This is quite similar to the evolutionary concept called punctuated equilibrium, where species remain static for millions of years then change dramatically over short time periods in response to rapid ecosystem change.

Nowhere is this demonstrated better than the last few months of the project. As I write (hello, this is Oliveriver by the way, which will become important later) we’re about to break this website’s record for number of visits in one day after several months of comparative nothingness. Why? What’s happened? What do we do next? Read on to find out…


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For anyone on the website wondering what this is about, we’re trying to set up a new community forum which has better integration with our website. Click the link below to see more.

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What link?

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At the bottom of the comments on this post on the website ( there’s now a link to this thread.