Devblog #21: The Patch Patch

We’re back, and we come bearing a gift: Thrive 0.4.2.

As if one ecosystem full of dynamically evolving cells of all shapes and sizes wasn’t enough, it’s time to experience the might of several chained together, rife for evolutionary exploration. This release introduces the patch map, the first step towards a wider simulation.

As always, we recommend downloading via the Thrive launcher. Get the latest version here:

Read on to find out more about this latest release, along with all the general Thrive news…



Bug found: repeatedly pushing the undo button in the editor can give you infinite mutation points

Could you please post steps to reproduce the problem, or a video? I can’t trigger this problem. For me the undo button gets disabled once I undo all the actions I did.
One possible reason why you would have infinite MP: if you entered the freebuild editor you get infinite mutation points until you start a new game.