Devblog #22: The Stabby Update

We're back with another release for you, and just in time for Christmas! We present Thrive 0.4.3.

This new version includes the UI overhaul many of you have been waiting for, and a fan favourite, the pilus, letting you live out all your microbe-stabbing dreams. We've also improved existing features like the patch map with better patch condition displays and AI species spreading to other patches.

Download the launcher below to get the latest version, and read on for more information.


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Usually, if you need to use a post filler, your post probably could be replaced with a like


The link isn’t visible, but I can still click it. Weird.

The link was using a http URL, I edited it to be an https URL (without any other changes) and it now seems to work.
I think we need to update our post template on wordpress or something to use an https URL to fix it permanently.

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