Devblog #23: Engine change part 2

Another release coming at you, here is Thrive! Wait, why isn't it 0.4.4? Well that's because after this release we are going to make some huge changes to the project. We are changing the engine once again, and we hope this time is for good.

While this isn't a regular release, and certainly it isn't the biggest one we've done, it brings a few new features for you to enjoy. Read on to see what's new and what have we planned for Thrive's future...


Will the next release be 0.4.4 or 0.5.0?

The next release has been said to be 0.5.0.


We’re next to the half or the stage then?

No, if they reach beyond 0.9.0, it becomes 0.10.0 and so on.

Is there an approximate estimate of the time necessary for the engine switch? Obviously it will depend on how many developers there are and how much they can contribute, but is there any general indication of time? Five months? A year?

I’m hoping for around 3 months to have a mostly working Godot version, which we might consider releasing at that point. Then a further couple of months should be enough to get the Godot version “done” with all of the existing features. But once again, it’s very difficult to estimate progress on Thrive, as it is entirely dependent on how much time team members have that they can put into thrive.