Devblog #24: And Godot arrived

It's been only two months since we started the last engine change, and today we are proud to announce our newest release: Thrive 0.5.0!

Yes, it only took us two months to rewrite the whole game in Godot. So what does this new release bring and what's so good about this new engine? Well Godot is user friendly, has a lot of documentation, an active community and no missing important features. In other words, it makes development on Thrive easier, meaning that with this (hopefully) there won't be any more engine changes.

But what does this mean for players like you? Better performance and compatibility, with this update those with Intel HD Graphics cards will finally be able to play the game without issue. Even better, as long as we don't need native code, this and future releases should be compatible with Mac!

And of course, this version runs much smoother and without random crashes, so stop waiting and give 0.5.0 a try!

If you use Mac, download the game directly from here, since the launcher is not Mac compatible.


Well, I tried it. Good and bad:

The performance is much better. There is negligible lag and it never crashed.
The options menu is useful and visually pleasing. I especially like the ability to reduce the music’s volume.
The marine snow looks nice, although I sometimes found it confusing, as I had difficulty determining whether it was in the foreground or background. At a glance, it sometimes looks like AI cells. It also doesn’t stop falling when the game is paused, which seemed odd to me.

The game is unplayable due to the broken spawn system. AI cells, compounds, and objects just don’t spawn. The world is empty and compounds cannot be gathered. When something does spawn, it disappears within a few seconds. I was happy to see a large iron chunk, but then it poofed out of existence. There are no other cells to eat. Some things appear around the player when he respawns, but these too rapidly vanish.
In the game, commas are used instead of periods to show decimals. That is incorrect in English. Periods should be used.

I can’t say much more than that, as I was unable to go past a few generations over the past few hours (I downloaded it shortly after it was posted to Github).


I’m very surprised that you could get it done so fast, the trailer looked real neat.

How i feel today
Congratulations everyone

The things that can say everything loads a bit more then expected, but the game itself has better performance then ever
Edit: secind time coming to the mircobe editor everything loads way faster then 1st time.
Edit numoro 2: second time coming to a new patch itself was way faster then 1st time. That’s it.

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