Devblog #25 Variety Patch

It's been around 2 months since we first changed over to the Godot engine and as may have been noticed, the developers have begun to lose a little steam as of late. We have not made as much progress as we would have liked, but fear not! We are still around with the intent of working on Thrive, many devs have simply been caught up in other things, such is life. With that said, we have decided to go ahead and release the changes we have made so as not to keep everyone waiting!


That was… startling. What exactly HAVE you changed in this release?

i just read the page and figured it out.


it took only 2 months for a new release
the releases are coming faster and faster


With the print function I can add images to the wiki easily.

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I just noticed that the official website registers our post here. Is that a new web feature?

it isnt
this happened before
remember that progress update that was posted automatically here by the system?
it happened there

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Just take your time on it. We aren’t that impatient. At least the less than new people.

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In what folder are the screenshots saved?

Look at the output when running the game, and find the line Game logs are written to: /home/hhyyrylainen/.local/share/Thrive/logs near the start (that’s from my computer). Screenshots are in a screenshots folder if you go one folder up from the logs folder, so on my computer that would be: /home/hhyyrylainen/.local/share/Thrive/screenshots

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I haven’t played thrive in a long time so i don’t know if this is normal but my controls are reversed on windows

w moves down
a moves right
d moves left
s move up

edit: never mind just figure out that controls are based on mouse position


Hello other website!

The movement is based on where the mouse is pointed. Depending on where your cursor is on screen will depend on what forward and backward are supposed to be. Try moving the mouse around.

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I figured that out, hence the edit