Devblog #26: Learning the basics

We bring you a new release, Thrive 0.5.2! What's new? Well, for the first time in years tutorials are back! At last, we have an easy way to teach new players the basics of this game. Another big feature is the new interfaces, we remade the Editor, Patch map and Report screen UIs to finally match the rest of the game.

You can download the launcher below to get the newest version, and read on for more information.


So what is the auto-evo algorithm in this game? is it the same one nick created?

I’m sure that the Nick’s algorithm isn’t done yet. I think that this one was made by TJWhale.

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The auto-evo prototype that I finished and put in the game, is based on TJWhale’s prototype, but has a bit expanded number of energy sources and numeric tweaks to the energy counts.

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