Devblog #27: Multilingual cells

Devblog #27: Multilingual cells | Revolutionary Games Studio

New year, new release. Here's Thrive 0.5.3! For the first time ever Thrive is available in many new languages, all of this is in part thanks to our community, which has helped with several of these new translations.
This version also brings key bindings, improved tooltips, new editor features and much more!

You can download the launcher below to get the newest version, and read on for more information.


Big step forward! Though I noticed in your video that the Hebrew is written backwards - left-to-right, like English.

EDIT: You couldn’t have put in all those languages, right? I’m not able to try it out right now but are those planned for the future or are they all actually in this version?


The translations were made by volunteers in Weblate and some of them are incomplete (I think some have less than 20 strings translated)

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It’s a known problem:

That’s exactly right, though we team members did some translations, but most of them are made by community members.

Sadly, a couple of languages don’t even have any strings translated yet. Thrive/Thrive Game @ Thrive - Weblate

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