Devblog #28: Colonizing the pond

Devblog #28: Colonizing the pond | Revolutionary Games Studio

Today is the day we take our first steps towards the Multicellular stage, binding agents are finally implemented! Now you can join other cells and start the first colonies. While in this mode, you'll share resources with your partners, though you will have to leave the colony to reproduce.
This release features some graphics improvements too, now your cell membrane and color can be previsualized in the Membrane tab of the editor, lighting has been improved in the editor and toxin particles fade instead of just disappearing. We also changed to Godot 3.3.2 fixing some issues, added balance changes to organelles, made Glucose actually decrease over time, improved the Microbe AI and much more!

You can download the launcher below to get the newest version, and read on for more information.


Didn’t think we’d see this day so soon. Incredible work.


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yes, i belive that this is incredible work also

I’ve been following this project since the beginning of 2014. At that time, only v0.2.1 had been released, a barebones prototype featuring no microbe editor, no sound, no music, no GUI, no membrane rendering and no possible interaction with NPC cells. Since then, I’ve been following with excitement every minor and major advance.

While some may complain at the apparently slow progress, I actually find it quite impressive that, thanks to just a handful of voluntary programmers and developers working in their free time, the game has gotten from that state to where it is now in just 7 years. I’m more than excited to wonder at where it will be 7 years from now with the ever-growing inner organization and hiring of one or more part or full time programmers.

I can’t help but to deeply thank and encourage all the developers who have kept the project alive and taken it so far. Keep up the good work!


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