Devblog #29: Shining Cell Colonies

Devblog #29: Shining Cell Colonies | Revolutionary Games Studio

This month’s update brings some long awaited bug fixes to our favorite cell collecting feature, binding agents, to provide a much more enjoyable and stable cell colony experience. In addition this release will allow you to carry over your old cells from the previous version, allowing you to continue where you left off without starting…


Yes! New update. This makes me wonder what the game will be like in the future. I’ve only been here for 3 years and I already think the game is developing pretty fast.
Also, what is the music used in the trailer?


We actually got one of our composers to make a custom song, just for this trailer, though we might also use this in the future for other trailers or some other video.


can we have a sticky effect(every cell membrane jiggle) but not rock solid?

so you shouldn’t be seeing entire asteroid belts generating around your cell anymore.

The ring of death has been vanquished at last. Good bye old friend.


Sounds cool not going to lie haven’t played much of a late.