Devblog #31: What's that smell?

Devblog #31: What's that smell? - Revolutionary Games Studio

Today we have released version 0.5.7 of Thrive which includes a new cell part for players to play and experiment with, and an expanded report tab in the editor. Players will never need to worry about not finding what they are looking for, because by evolving the new chemoreceptor part, cells will be able to…


I still did have a few instances of not being able to find any substances even with the chemoreceptor, but overall I’d say it is a giant and very welcome improvement.

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i feel like its kind of unfair, like i feel it removes part of the fun of just dying because you couldn’t find anything to survive, this cell part just straight up tells you were to go and i felt the game became too easy

At least getting the chemoreceptor is optional.

Almost all of our negative feedback (on Steam and elsewhere) is how slow the game is and how hard it is to find compounds to stay alive and progress. So that’s why the chemoreceptor organelle was added. And the feedback regarding it has been almost all positive that it makes the game a lot more playable. Hardcore players can choose to ignore the chemoreceptor organelle by just not adding it.

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