Devblog #34: Sticky Phylogeny

Devblog #34: Sticky Phylogeny - Revolutionary Games Studio

Today we are proud to announce the release of Thrive 0.5.10, which among a large host of bug and performance fixes, provides players with brand new tools to play with and study their world. Deter predators by impeding them with the sticky mucus left in your wake! Live your life to the fullest as a…


Uhh, just a FYI, you uploaded the wrong trailer to youtube. That one’s for 0.5.5

I love this. No more searching for clouds in my patch forever!

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This marks another big step in thrive development.


Love the slime jets help my avoid predatory cells


Great job devs, keep up the great work. :heart:

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I downloaded the launcher, but the latest version it allows me to play is 0.5.9. How could I resolve this issue

0.5.10 is close to 0.5.1 lol

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Launcher 2.0 will have a more intuitive Thrive version sorting order.


why the hell is it like that XD

That’s how computers compare and order strings. Doing something better needs code specifically to not just do a plain comparison.

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