Devblog #36: Upgrades people, upgrades!

Devblog #36: Upgrades people, upgrades! - Revolutionary Games Studio

We’re back again with our latest tri-monthly release of Thrive! This update brings to you a long awaited feature; The further adaptation and specialization of otherwise familiar parts. That is to say, part upgrades are finally here! As of now, only one upgrade exists, which provides cilia with a brand new functionality for players to…


sry i have too


I can only be glad that this project is actively developing, and did not die back in 2013-2014.


What movie is that meme from? Like seriously, does ANYBODY know?
I, for one, always thought it was, like, Tomorrowland or something.

The 2005 movie “Robots”

Oh. Sorry, but i never heard of that before. Thanks for letting me know!

I have been waiting for this since weeks…

It brings a tear to my eye to see this game continue on, instead of dyeing in 2014 like it should’ve. absolutely love the game!


Upgrades Upgrades Upgrades Upgrades

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