Differences between the timelines of users

I have, so far, detected four timelines on this forum: mine, zenzone’s, fralegend’s, and willow’s. I want to document the known differences between known timelines.
My timeline:
Moglil has no meaning
March 9th exists
Minecraft is three years younger than ROBLOX
Zenzone’s timeline:
Moglil is an alcoholic beverage, specifically whipped cream served in wine
March 9th does not exist
Minecraft is 20 years older than ROBLOX
Fralegend’s timeline:
Moglil is inherently glorious
Willow’s timeline:
Moglil is the combination of all the cells of a cat, all the cells of a dog, and all the cells of a grass in one cell.

My timeline is very simple:

In the late 2020s, the UK is taken over by a revolutionary force, which basically, emerged during the English revolution, fled into the forests and developed advanced technology on its own, only appearing to take over the UK, renamed Vinlasia. Meanwhile, in Russia, another group, apparently ruled by a guy named Choloc, gains independence, calling itself the Schalozoica. A nuclear war ensues between these two, which resets civilization. A lot happens, for example, a country called Haluria (Descendants of the Ukrainians) arrives on Mars and establishes colonies there, a New Vinlasia is founded in Greenland and several other countries pop up around the world, including the Schalozoica, which is now a world power. A war takes place between the United Nations of Earth (Schacolozoica + another country where China is) and Valkiria, a superpower of the Americas. UNE wins the war, literally uniting the world, around 2110. Unfortunately, a civil war known as “The Resurgence” resets civilization once more.
Meanwhile on Mars, after gaining independence, Valan turned turned to asteroid mining
It was just a few steps for them to achieve A BELGIUM UTOPIA
Seeing that the Earth was… How can I say… RUINED, the scientists of Valan decided to “Terraform the Earth” And so they did, and established some colonies there in what is now New Zealand.
Several interesting countries have emerged, for example United Penguins Commonwealth Formed by super-intelligent penguins (An experiment gone wrong) in Antarctica. Another country is Itaderkih, which as it was in Patagonia, had little food, so it hunted normal penguins. A controversy arose over a meme (Yes, a meme) that showed that penguins were overhunted, which indirectly led to the release of a virus, known as (Sorry) Sars-Sus-45, which annihilated Itaderkih, but the survivors fled to Asia, where they went to destroyed again by a neighboring country, and finally settling in Valan, getting independence quickly because they wanted to go to wars, but valan is more neutral than switzerland.
This all brings us to the scientific colony of Iapetus, as the Valanians love to go into space.

you got mine wrong, it’s all the cells of a fully grown cat, all the cells of a fully grown dog, and all the cells of a fully grown blade of grass forcefully fused into one cell.

I edited it to correct it.

What do you mean by a timeline? Please explain what you mean by a timeline.

You don’t know what a timeline is? Well, think of it as a universe, but there are other universes branching off of it, and they are almost the same, but not quite.

He is from the timeline where timelines don’t exist

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Well, THAT’s paradoxical. In order for you to exist in a timeline, there must be timelines. But if there are no timeline, then you cannot be in a timeline!
I guess that is technically a time paradox, but that’s really a logical contradiction: it cannot be given a meaningful truth value.
And i can already feel my head sparking. Good job, doofus, you just hit me with a Logi-has a seizure from the paradox

No paradox. He’s just from a timeline where they don’t know timelines exist

That also means that people are really bad at being on time for anything

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No I mean what do you mean by each user’s timeline

It’s basically something that happened in a different thread where people had different definitions for the same word that Frale made up

Tbh this whole thing prolly should have been put as a post / group of posts in that original thread but it’s fine here

Yeah, he comes from a Paradox Interactive game.