Different eyes should change camera perspective

As you know the various eye designs in nature give various different benefits to the species that have them. I personally think the best way to represent this is to give different camera perspectives depending upon the way the player designs their eyes. Eg. Human like eyes would be 1st person but compound eyes would be 3rd person.


That’s a actually cool concept they should implement into the game later on




Perhaps more advanced eyes with better vision would alert you to the different traits of creatures you encounter, for example, if you selected another creature, you would be told that it has powerful claws, sharp teeth, etc.

I was thinking the camera was always third person but you have limited vision depending on where your eyes were and the rest is blacked out until something does something that another sense can feel, like for example if a creature makes a sound to the right of your creature, it would show black and white stripes running along the invisible terrain and creature as it played the sound, making it have this cool effect where for just a moment you can see the creature in black and white as the stripes run over it’s body, and then it’s gone.



Since we can’t see in 360 I think your ideo of 3rd person is a good fix or you can be in 3rd person all the time and the part where you can’t see should be blacked out it also would be cool if you can switch between 3rd and 1st also maybe a danger indicater if in 1st

i was thinking there would be like a sound icon for ears//sound sensing organs

it would also be nice if you could here the direction using headphones

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That’s exactly what I was saying up there in my post.

huh, great minds think alike

Instead of switching between 1st and 3rd person, it could use a 3rd person camera but only actively show whats in your field of view. Possibly changing how far one can see by prioritizing depth perception?

I think that could be pretty awkward. It would mean spending the majority of your time with most of your screen black. It would make you feel like your missing out on the entire environment pushing you to always choose a concave view. If you use a first person view for our eye type it would make both options seem unique and complete.

okay but what if its out of focus not black, and you move where youre looking with where your mouse is, (or in vr where youre looking, but that’d be first person anyways) not in front of you, if you have moving eyes that is. also could be turned off in accessibility settings or switched to first person.

that is almost exactly what I said.

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everyone seems to be repeating you lol

To add onto your idea, maybe have places you have seen be grey scaled to represent that it’s only how you remember seeing it. For other forms of sensing the environment, you could use black with outlines of the environment for species that use echolocation, and possibly have a color effect to represent smell.

Vision is definitely one of the aspects that will require a lot of attention, and could make or break multicell.

ok but what if IM in focus?