Different Technologies

We have electricial technology. But other civilizations maybe use Hydraulic systems or stuff. I dont know very much on this theme I just wanted to bring it into discussion.

Sorry for bad english


Or clockwork (shmowzow)

Now I am think that I could make a steampunk style alien civilization.

Or a cool alien (like the movie alien) civilization that use biopink tech

Well, it’s all in how you transfer and store energy. It just so happens that mechanical (kinetic) systems are simple and electrical systems are compact and easily transportable.
Car (combustion) engines run on how hot gas (produced by igniting fuel) exerts force, and that force is used to turn the wheels. However, many cars are also assisted or fully powered by electronic motors, charge being generated by the fuel’s reaction.

If you want, you could have machines powered by nuclear reactors inside them. While I won’t deny that it would be stupid, it would certainly be interesting. After all, nuclear power plants are just fancy steam engines - heating up water to become steam and turn a generator, making electricity.