Different types of technologies? (Nano Bots and nothing else, really)

Should different types of technology [technologies] exist or be researched and developed in the future game. One of my favorite ideas was nano technology. It’s basically a bunch of nano bots working together to form some type of object for the creatures needs, wether it be a weapon or tool. It could use be used to construct architecture, by building a frame and ‘carrying’ the parts needed to build it. The same can be said for ships, computers, vehicles, armour.

If it’s used on biological sources, it could potenially act as a suit of armour. If another sapiet is using firepower to harm you, the ‘nano suit’ can form a mettalic shield against the other. This would be a very essential need when in war, or in creating new things.

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cool! i like it

I won’t go into the science but nanomachines are dangerous. they can kill the whole galaxy in a week!
If aliens are watching us and we made nanomachines they would analyte us they cant be trusted

how would they spread?

And there is the danger to spread they must get more mass and if an error happens they would never stop and kill the galaxy in weeks!

weeks? seriously? through what technology? you would have to travel faster than light to get from one star system to the next in under a few years. Not to mention that the nanobots would be designed not to harm but to protect

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OK but when it starts its not ending
also protect but an error in the replicating code will kill the galaxy

You’re paranoid. Self-replicating robots are a danger, so it’s better to control their replication with the fine wisdom of an organic pushing buttons. Unless you really need more nanites on the go, which is where you need to reconsider your life choices.

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