note:this post is based on my current understanding of the diplomacy system

i propose that instead of working with establishing contact and having unlimited access to diplomatic tools which is pretty unrealistic in real life i propose the addition of a diplomat unit (and (or) class) which will open diplomatic channels between two civilizations

this will be done though the deployment of these units in capitals or embassies(which will make diplomatic response faster)

if these units die (either due to a war or dismissing diplomats) while in a embassy or capital you will lose diplomatic connection with the enemy

while theres no diplomatic connection you can only propose for a diplomatic immunity (which will make it impossible for the enemy to attack your diplomats) and all the other diplomatic actions will be locked

this wont last forever due to the advancement of technology however as the internet negates the necessity an active diplomat in the scene so in the late game youll have near unlimited diplomatic leeway

i know this was a bit long and rambly but this just came to my mind and it sounds like a decent mechanic to me so if yall have extra question i’ll reply to them :grin:


this is pretty interesting, maybe the 2 systems could coexist and offer their own advantages and drawbacks: physical diplomats being simpler to send, but having the risk of causing diplomatic incidents; and long-range diplomatic channels being more reliable at the cost of needing expensive infrastructure to establidh and maintain secure connections

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i didnt think of that tbh seems like a great idea
(also thanks :P)

Diplomatic immunity means that your diplomats can commit any crimes they want and they will not be punished for that.

I think the relations between two states shouldn’t depend on individual units. Diplomatic communication between two states is as fast as communication between two cities of the same civ, which isn’t usually explicitly shown in games. And meeting another civ for the first time can be done with any unit, or through another civ. Killing any unit would sour relations, not just diplomats.

Having one telephone isn’t an expensive infrastructure, and foreign diplomats would always need a building to stay, if they aren’t being employed by their hosting state like Marco Polo, who was a more independant actor.

With expensive infrastructure, I didn’t mean a single telephone line, more like a standalone version of the internet, exclusive to high ranking government personnel; and requiring it’s own set of antennae and satellites, alongside security measures


This a very good idea, but in the society stage it’s completely pre-industrial, so they wouldn’t have telephones, let alone a private internet system. It would work well in the industrial stage, but not in the society stage.

It would make more sense that they would send messengers to other cities/empires/tribes, and the diplomats would stay in the capital and/or an embassy.

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Very nice description.

there was no way to add 2 stages so i chose the society stage but i want it to be added to all civilization related stages (except space)