Disable Processes In-game

In-game, there is a process tab to monitor your functions, Maybe a feature could be implemented to stop a process, like Mucilage and OxyToxy production.

(Also maybe there could be a menu listing the outputs of the process like in the cell editor)


This has been a planned feature for years. There just aren’t enough volunteer programmers to implement everything in our 600+ items long backlog of ours. I’d link you the issues on Github but I’m on my phone…

Edit: here’s the issue: Add button in the process panel to pause a process · Issue #1991 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub


Perhaps the current ATP usage and potential maximum ATP production capacity of cells should be displayed in the process tab.

One must be pointed out is its impact on auto evo. If the efficiency of ATP consumption by some organelle is adjustable or even can be closed, it is necessary to redefine what is ATP underproduction. It may be necessary to introduce non essential ATP consumption. After all, players may use nitrogen fixation and toxin production to exceed ATP production but are not allowed to work normally.

Moreover, the ATP production and consumption UI in the editor also needs to be modified to allow for the usage of the process when adjusted to different rates.

Having a process panel equivalent for inspecting how your cell will do (potentially with conditions like missing food source applied) in the editor is a separate issue:


Again, I need to mention the lack of programming resources with that first issue being open since 2020.