Disaster Dominoes: Scenario #1

So this is the first of a series of scenarios for a forum game. The scene is to be explicitly set, and the rules apply from the main game. (Nothing from the other rallies)

Let me start off:
Because of an argument I had no control over, I chose not to go help with the Coding Club Escape room at Coral Park Senior high, and no one was looking at Gabriel when he was also trying to help out with the paper walls. While Meredith, the club president, was hanging the other side of the wall on a chair, Gabriel pulls too hard on it from the other side.

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The paper walls fell on Meredith, which started an ‘italian chitchat’ with both her and Gabriel.

By an italian chitchat, I mean a quarrel. Especially hilarious ones.

During the conflict, another person’s nose is injured

Then, Meredith, Gabriel and Theresa (see note 1) were all yelling at each other, then they started to slap each other:

  1. Meredith slaps Gabriel.
  2. Gabriel slaps Theresa.
  3. Theresa slaps Gabriel.
  4. Meredith slaps Theresa.
  5. Theresa regrets to have slapped Gabriel, so she stops slapping.
  6. Meredith notices that and feels better now that Theresa has stopped slapping. Thus, she slaps Gabriel again.
  7. Repeating all steps above.

Note 1: The person whose nose is injured didn’t have a name, but now, I gave it one (Theresa).

Character Outline


Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Race: Caucasian


Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Race: Caucasian


Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Race: Latinos

Yes, I gave an image of those characters in-game. What’s the problem?

From all that racket, the escape room is delayed and never to be played

Wait, what do you mean Calvin?

Meredith is the club president. She can’t direct the progress of the escape room if she’s injured from a severe punch from the quarrel. Bryan takes her place, but at that point, he didn’t give a shit. His acquired ignorance delays the escape room.
Edit: Can you convince other people to join?

I thought she was the club’s president.

Wait, what? Meredith is injured?

I’ll try.

Because the Escape room was cancelled, one of the students decided to build a better one.

But why is she injured? You can’t be severely injured from a slap…

Just continue the chain…

Meredith, Gabriel and Theresa are disappointed of Bryan. Since Meredith is injured and Theresa doesn’t want her nose to be injured again, they both send Gabriel to settle the matters with Bryan. But Gabriel doesn’t trust himself on that one. He asks politely Bryan to speed up the Escape room project; however, he doesn’t want to and punches Gabriel in the face, which starts a fistfight. The girls won’t be very happy about this…