Disco Mode?


I looked around on the development forums, and some threads mentioned a “disco mode” cheat, what is that? One of them was Viable Achievements, if you’re interested.

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We once experienced a glitch where cell nuclei would flash in sync:

Someone labelled this disco mode, and then-moderator The_Wayward_Admiral made his forum signature say ‘viva la disco mode’. Then came April Fools, when we released a version we claimed to be 0.4.0, but was in fact the same game with intentionally blinking nuclei and this music (by yours truly) playing instead of the regular game music (play both this video and the above simultaneously to experience the full glory of disco mode):

This has since become a major Thrive meme and the plan is for some sort of cheat code to activate a replica disco mode in the final game.

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Thrive “easter egg”


Ah, that explains. Thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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This so-called easter egg is also rumored to be more drastic as the game grows in size. Here’s a list of what people speculate on happening and I can remember:
Membrane color randomizing
Luminous spheres becoming disco balls
Joe the Disco Trionite appearing
Disco music switch
Music becoming more popular in your society
Other civilizations talking to you with groovy phrases

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I personally think the centre of the galaxy should be one supermassive disco ball

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Joe showing up?


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This should be a unlockable feature for those that make a creature with flashing changing colors or getting to the center of the galaxy.

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If you get to ascension in disco mode, you should be uplifted by Afrodite