Discussion on reworking the game logic for performance reasons (poll)

This is a thread for community members to talk about and vote on this thread that I posted on the developer forums:

Here’s the poll:

Should the logic rework for more performance be done?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but not yet

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in my oppinion, I beleive it would be better to change it now, because in the future it might be a more difficult task


I think no but I am voting not yet since it’s the second biggest and closest to my original position

I think Godot 4 might help with the performance issue and we should wait and see if it does…

I’m starting to think that Godot 4, like Half Life 3, is never actually coming out. Do I remember right if I say that way back when we first switched to Godot engine the magical 4.0 was already on the horizon so to speak? And now multiple years later, it’s still not here.

Well they just got their first RC today so it probably going to come out… soon™ right?

I’ve seen so many beta and feature freeze and other announcements, that I’m not hopeful just yet.

Also I opened 2 issues for Godot 4 on their Github (and as such will receive email updates if something is done on them), both of which are blocker bugs for me to use the new Godot editor in version 4. And neither of those have been fixed. So at the earliest we can probably only switch to Godot 4.1 once that comes out.