Disease brainstorming

brainstorm disease/symptom
what i need help with: fungui, parsite, mind manipulation parsite


moss that eats your skin and produces lots of spores, only leaving your skin that rubs against other skin a lot and skin that light doesn’t touch alone.
also viruses.

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I believe you are referring to cordyceps. I don’t know a lot about them (I’m not anywhere close to a biologist) but I’m pretty sure that in LAWK cordyceps only work on simple chemical brained creatures like ants, so we won’t be seeing The Last of Us style zombies in Thrive.

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i said parasite, not fungi (thk btw) i’am thinking of neurax worm but should neurax worm cause sui*idal thoughts or Tendrils digest brain matter for nutrients or Transcendence

chordyceps is a parasitic fungus, therefore, it is a parasite.

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you’re out of line, but you’re right