Disease brainstorming

brainstorm disease/symptom
what i need help with: fungui, parsite, mind manipulation parsite


moss that eats your skin and produces lots of spores, only leaving your skin that rubs against other skin a lot and skin that light doesn’t touch alone.
also viruses.

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I believe you are referring to cordyceps. I don’t know a lot about them (I’m not anywhere close to a biologist) but I’m pretty sure that in LAWK cordyceps only work on simple chemical brained creatures like ants, so we won’t be seeing The Last of Us style zombies in Thrive.

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i said parasite, not fungi (thk btw) i’am thinking of neurax worm but should neurax worm cause sui*idal thoughts or Tendrils digest brain matter for nutrients or Transcendence

chordyceps is a parasitic fungus, therefore, it is a parasite.

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you’re out of line, but you’re right

imagine playing as a parasite, that would be kinda cool

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I’m fairly sure that if you are a parasite of a more advanced species, this already means that it would be extremely hard for you to reach awakening stage before them. Still, I’m fairly sure that form(s) of parasitism will be added to the game as some point.