Drawing organisms and stuff

I just made an account, guess ill draw something. Anyone can send me a description or picture of your organism/plant and I’ll do a digital sketch. There’s like a couple other threads just like this one, but drawings the only thing I’m really ok at.

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Hey there! Welcome! I have a prompt for you.

My dream organism is a species I call Cthulu ftagn. It is essentially a giant octopus that comes onto land and uses its camouflage abilities to disguise itself as shrubbery. When an herbivore comes to graze, it leaps and strangles the herbivore with its boa constrictor-like arms. It then drags its prey back to the water to be devoured. Instead of a beak, Cthulu ftagn has rows of sharp and jagged barbs around its mouth, like thousands of teeth. These shred anything that enters the mouth.

I think that might be fun to draw. What would an octopus look like if it were disguised as a plant? This video has a fantastic example of octopus camouflage. When I first saw it, I did not realize that it was an octopus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS-USrwuUfA

this is a really early WIP, but I thought I should post some progress. (you can ignore the random things I doodled at the top).

also octopi are a lot harder to draw than I thought.


I like it! I like that you have him in the act of strangling something. I’m especially fond of the “rawr” guy, even if I’m supposed to ignore him. This early WIP suggests to me that the final version will be fun indeed.

Hello. Did you see film “Alien planet”? It’s great documentary and I liked “daggerer”(bat with daggers). Please try to create this creature with some differences (you can redraw him, but leave him daggers and membrans between legs).

I was wondering how this has been going. Shall you soon grace us with magnificent artwork?

Yeah I will be finishing soon, its just I’ve been busy preparing for school. It starts in a few days, which means less time for me to draw.

Is it the Daggerwrist?