Easter Eggs

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The masked legend. He only talks here during a super red blood blue moon on February 29th during twilight.

I will throw in a few as well:

Totally not mostly WH40K Eastereggs...

Space Stage
Finding the damaged carcass of something akin to a biological space ship, driftig lifelessly through the void.
This one references the Tyranids of Warhammer 40,000.

Aso Space Stage
Stumbling upon the ruins of what seems to be a fortified cathedral in space, shaped like an eightfold star.
Unsurprisingly this one references the Chaos Gods of the same setting.

Space stage again!
Find a monument of God-Emperor K’reel
This one acually references Stellaris.


I’ve got some (yeah I know this thread is kind of dead):

Stage Easter Eggs

Space Stage: Find crashed spaceships on inhospitable planets. Find abandoned ships or stations floating through space. Find ancient temples on planets.

If you do happen to add the solar system, heres a cool idea:
After you contact humanity, there will be a notification that the player (you) recieves that theres a signal on Mars. If you go to Mars, you find 3 easter eggs.

  • Martian Pyramid (or temple, including some abandoned villages)

  • Curiosity Rover

  • Skeleton of some ancient animal (think of the skeleton from Star Wars: A New Hope, where C-3PO was standing next to that alien skeleton) Though it would be likely fossilized by then.

For other things, you can put the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, and randomly find voyager floating through space.

Awakening / Society Stage: You’ll be able to find crop circles, which will otherwise be rare. Lights in the skies, indicating alien activity, which will be rare.

  1. Voyager has already been discussed :rage::exploding_head:
  2. I don’t think humanity will exist in the thrive (ingame) universe

Why will humanity never exist in the game?

I thought this took place in the 2050’s? Did something happen to them?

Because creating humans (and their same-worlded animals and plants) would be a difficult task, but they’ll probably be implemented sooner or later in the space stage.
And as for timeframe, I say *** earth years. Humans could be dead or have never even arisen by the time you get to the space stage.

And as for Martian lifeforms, I’ll insist on That Dude’s War of the Worlds style martians.

Red Weed

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I was thinking of something more related to the aliens in Mission to Mars, like a more ancient race of beings.

Though, if we’re going with the War of the Worlds idea, it should be similar to something like the ones in the 2005 rendition of it.

I was thinking more along the lines of Aliens in the Attic

What about Aliens in the Attic 2

maybe there is a slight chance in the space stage for you to see a wrecked ship from a sci fi series (i cant think of anything specific) drifting about.

Maybe a Klingon warship from Star Trek, or a Colonial ship from the Alien Franchise?

yeah things like that RoboRomb.


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@DPHkraken, heres what I think the marshins in Thrive should look like.



Fighting Machine

Space Stage
Referring to the Star Wars cantina
If you build something like a bar or cafe on a desert planet, this Music starts to play:
Schtiffles - Cantina
Is a bit different from the original song, but we dont want it to be THAT obvious, right?

That youtube video has the classic description: “I don’t own this song!”
I’m quite sure that won’t be good enough to include it in a game.

Then get @Oliveriver to make the Thrive version of it or something.