Economics applied to tribal, civilization and space stages

As an economist, I thing is pretty exciting to think about what kind of economic models would fit in those alien societies. Although quite different, some principals may be quite similar to ours. For instance, Malthusianism models (such as population x land) will fit well in tribal and pre-Industrial xeno communities. Also, in industrial ones, a more Keynesian (such as IS-LM-BP) will be appropriated. What you guys think? Can our economic science describe xeno organizations?


I do think it is possible to apply most of our economic principles, but we need to consider how aliens would perceive value and prices and currencies in order to fully decide.


ECONOMICS! sorry im a nerd and love it when a new field sees potential in thrive. from what i know about evolutionary biology to gain sentience one must either be a hive mind or be capable of understanding abstract concepts like currency, though not necessarily fiat currency. i believe that human economic models could definitely apply, so have at it!

(though make sure to leave room for odd psychological quirks in any proposal)

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I feel like most economic ideas would still be applicable simply because economics usually assumes a rational actor. Aliens could have strange quirks as to what they attach value to, but unless they were completely irrational (and if they were how would they have created civilisation) the normal principles of what they’d do with it would still apply.


Economics also has a lot to do with scarcity and labor, which is an inherent part of any substantial society. I can’t imagine any xeno-society which has a complete level of abundance.

Except for underwater civilizations. All hail hydrothermal vents.


Near zero marginal costs are possible in some sectors or with some special uses of an alien environment. Maybe gigantic hydrothermal vents could provide tons of energy with an extremely low expenditure…

Who knows? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m glad that more people in this community think in the same way! Species with less individuality and more rational thinking, such as sentient ants :sweat_smile:, will behave inside those principals.