Editing my cell types in multicellular mode doesn't affect my organism consistently

So, I don’t even know if this counts as a bug really, but I think it does. I’m making some cells in multicellular mode that are supposed to be optimized for speed, and I keep adding flagella, changing the positions of these flagella and trying to optimize the speed of the individual cell to speed up my entire organism. What seems to be happening, is that a long, arrow-like cell shape is optimal for speed, so I moved all of my flagella to the back of my cell, creating a long, skinny bit. I got the speed up to over 100, but the next time I entered the editor, my speed was set back down to 86. this happens every time. the speed increases when I move the flagella back further and further down this tail, only to be reset the next replication cycle. It’s a very odd and frustrating bug. I know it’s not a priority, but thought y’all should know that my poor Steve (my organism) is big and slow and is struggling to get any less slow lol. Also, more aesthetically important, I point my flagella all in the same direction and when I enter the playable stage again, they point all over the place. Not really a problem, just funny. Keep it up! I might learn to code better just to help y’all out some day because this project is awesome.

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This sounds like this is probably a result of the organelle repositioning. After a cell edit is finished, all the organelles are moved so that the cell center point is at 0,0 coordinates. The positions of the organelles affect the speed, so I’m guessing that’s what you are seeing. At least a lot of the problems seem familiar, though there’s a small chance that if this only happens to you in multicellular then this might be a different issue or at least a slight variant.

There are various open issues related to this. The most relevant is probably this issue since 2021, which is basically what I described I think you are experiencing in the previous paragraph:

There’s also a couple of tangentially related issues which may have the same root cause:

Yeah this is probably what I was experiencing. I just didn’t notice in single cell mode.

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to get maximum speed you need the membrane area with the flagella flat and as many flagella on one side as you can, so the best option is to have an arrow pointing into your cell from the back ending just behind the center and have the back of the cell be as flat as a 3 year old bottle of soda that was opened on the day it was bought