Editor and Music Bugs, and Crashing

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This is the intended behaviour as removing something is still a mutation and it should cost mutation points not refund them.

This is also the intended behaviour as evolution is iterative so the player shouldn’t either be able to completely re-design their creature.

There isn’t. It might be because youtube does post processing on videos which changes their brightness.

If that’s the case then there is no point having the “new” button, because you already have the undo button and right click, but if anything the “new” button should reset the organism back to its original state to when you started editing in case you went through many steps and want to change your mind, and should fully refund your points to what you started with as well. The editor should have it’s own tutorial to explain these things.

No clue as to why that happens. Updating graphics drivers might help if you haven’t done that in a long time.

I also have slight stuttering every now and then. The upcoming version with the new engine (at least at this point) seems a lot more smooth so that might alleviate this issue for you as well.

That broke in 0.3.4, we were going to make a new release with that fixed but there were a lot of issues with getting that version working so we are now concentrating our efforts on the engine switch.

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