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Russia is an authoritarian capitalist state.

URSS was communist, but people got tired of it.

NK is a communist state.

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My brain is not working today

Wait I just don’t know what communism is except that is an authoritarian ideology (at least in practice).

What is it, exactly?

I have an idea of what it could be but it’d sound too simple.

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communism i an economic system where the citizens own everything, and it is shared as needed. perfect on paper, but corruption in the government made it terrible. a good satire about communism is “Animal Farm”

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Perfect in theory, but impossible in practice because of the human factor.

What a shame that many people haven’t understood yet.

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Everyone would have enough food, but the leaders would need more food due to being a larger, more energy demanding form.

Bit nitpicky, but the main part is that the government owns everything, and distributes it among the civilians.

Not even that. Even with a perfect leader incapable of corruption, you’ll still have the civilians to deal with. Due to the fact that everything is distributed equally, there is no reason to put in effort. In every other society, putting in more effort results near linearly in getting more possessions. In a communistic state, this is not the case. This means that as a civilian, you don’t need to do jack squat if you want your salary. This has pretty bad results, for example education being useless, due to the fact that there will be no difference in salary at all between someone with a ridiculously difficult education and someone who dropped out of middle school. Another example would be how even discounting education, the jobs itself will also be done really badly. In the USSR, you’d have to actively look for a taxi driver if you wanted one, since they’d all gather in the places where the least amount of people would be, since if they don’t find anyone to drive around, they would not have to drive anyone around. Who cares right? You get paid anyway.


Isn’t socialism where the government owns everything?

Communism and socialism are very much the same at their cores, the main differences is that
A. socialism can be less ‘extreme’ (E.G. people may still own their own house in a country instead of basically ‘lending’ it from the government with the country still being socialistic) and
B. socialism is achieved through democratic means, while communism is achieved through… more violent ways (revolution)


well socialism is a political system, while communism is a economic system

in socialism the people wouldn’t own anything, the government gives it to them. did you mix them up or?

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