Enemy cells spawning in as an army

Im not really sure if this is a bug or intended feature but during most of my playtroughs of thrive it just happens that after a few generations a mega species pops up with up to 50k cells in every area, even if i havent been there yet. It would be fine in my opinion if those things stayed like they spawned in (as almost unevolved cells) but theyre species evolves with the player. Because Those things will evolve to counter the player and due to the fact that theres so many of them its really hard to not get crushed by them. The only way so far ive even gotten able to take out half of their population in one area is bc i already had a good amount of my species cells there and that my species was evolved to hunt other cells. My game eventually started just crashing on that save file after a minute or so btw

I moved this to #current-game:microbe-stage as this is not really a bug.
The AI has a huge advantage currently by actually being affected by auto-evo, whereas player species population is only affected by the player’s performance currently. We do want to fix this in the future:

As you can see the issue has been open since 2019, but as is the case with most things, we just don’t have enough programmers to tackle our massive backlog (over 310 issues) of features and bugs. And that doesn’t even count the features that are planned, but haven’t been made into concrete work items yet.

Do you still have that save file? There’s a button to open your save directory in the load game screen, and letting us have a look at it might give us some insights on what to fix.

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uh yeah i have the save file (sorry for not replying i havent been on the comunity page in a while) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SahpMp6SzSYXSF9dwmpQX1MKFSkfM2h3/view?usp=sharing

whenever i open the playtrough its really laggy and usually crashes, but i think thats the playtrough where there were tons of cells in a certain species. Ofc the size isnt as big as it used to be due to my species basically evolving to hunt those things.

It looks like that file is not accessible. Could you set it to be visible? Or maybe use something like mega to make a public link?


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