Energy Weapons

(Steve) #1

I just noticed I make a lot of weapon threads.

So this can be related to Ion Weapons but really any talk of that should go on that thread but this is more lasers and any other form of energy weapons. This is also labeled future and not future space because you could develope energy weapons before going to space.

Unless I am wrong you can’t see a laser, even one powerful enough to kill someone so how will that look. Maybe a battlefield of lasers would just be a bunch of people suddenly have a hole in their chest and falling down with no crossfire visible. Or would a laser with enough energy be so hot that you could see it but it would only be the wavy vapor effect.

(Dyson Sphere Freak) #2

The funny thing is that you don’t see a laser even strong enough to be visible and kill you before it hits you.

(Lord Nerd) #3

I would love if there was a way to recreate the death star or something similar with energy laser weapons


Then the rebel will come and… history repeats o.o

But I agree that could be awesome

(OrganismOverlord) #5

I would rather want something like the Quarantine Enforcement Platform from Subnautica rather than a planet destroying death ray.