Entertaining False Concepts

This is where we talk about how ideas that we have proven wrong time and time again would have to work or what would have to happen if they were true. By no means am I saying that I support these ideas, but I do want to explore how it would have to happen if it were, I just see these ideas that even though they are wrong they are also very interesting, I just want to explore them.

Alright I’m just gonna be honest here I just want to simultaneously poke fun at flat earthers and show them how to construct an argument.

one thing that would happen if the earth was shaped like a pizza made in a pan with a hole in the bottom(literally the shape of the flat earth model) is that everything would fall to the middle and form a sphere and the earth would collapse on itself forming a perfect molten sphere with an atmosphere of the same composition as our earth’s atmosphere but far smaller due to the fact that the flat earth model is the same with as the earth. if it spun fast enough to stay a disc then everything not embedded into the crust would fly off into space and form a ring around the earth, also the disc would turn into a torus due to erosion. and seasons would not be able to happen if days also happened due to how the flat earthers cannot combine all of their models for known changes due to the sun and moon.

this is why the superior false earth models are the donut earth model which can actually hold water how it is suggested to and the concave earth model which would have an extremely deep ocean at the center that actually forms a convex surface and would eventually decay into a round earth with vastly different geological structures than our own

Well, let’s assume in a magic world where gravity doesn’t work the same and down isn’t subjective, to have the sun and moon in the sky the way you see them you would need (in the words of one of the slightly smarter ones) a sky dome that would redirect the light into a crescent shape around the earth, that, and the sun and moon would need to slowly spiral in and out like a spirograph, with the moon spinning slower than the sun to account for it’s one month orbit. That’s it that’s all I got. I was just a little frustrated that they couldn’t get a consistent model, so this is me fixing theirs

also the earth would eventually have to go faster than light due to the fact that it would have to accelerate at 9.8 M/S^2 for us to experience 1G

Finally someone gets it
aint a thing on the internet better than that


Yea, it’s just, sometimes there are these people who try to say something that is completely wrong but their argument is just so bad you want to build one for them just to make the conversation interesting!

Some of the funniest are the people who think space and all that is real, but that we didn’t go to the moon. And somehow nasa made everyone agree not to expose them.


What do you think about the theory* that humans are a hybrid between a chimpanzee and a pig? I think it sounds reasonable.

I’m not saying that it’s stupid, I’m saying that some specific arguments are.
Like, how dinosaur bones don’t prove there were dinosaurs, they were just put there to make us curious.
How do you know that that wasn’t god getting drunk one night and made those things, realized the next morning he f*cked up, then nuked them afterwards?


I believe myself that we were created, and also think that those kind of arguments are kinda dumb

Along with the arguments that say evolution doesn’t exist. First off, we’ve seen evolution in action (ex Finches), and who says God couldn’t have used evolution if he’s the one who made the process of evolution in the first place?

But anyway ye

Arguements against evolution are all so stupid, there was some homophobe saying that all mutations are bad (classic argument) and humans lose 2-3% of their genes every generation, but someone took the time to calculate it, and that would mean modern humans would have SIX GENES controlling their ENTIRE body. That Dumb*ss also said mutations are caused by sinning. :rofl:

my favorite type of creationism: evolutionary creationism. it can’t be disproved as easily as regular creationism and it makes more sense and it is how you evolve in thrive