Estimated Thrive sub-alphas left

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do calculations on how many sub-alphas are left before thrive comes out, based on some data about alpha releases, the duration of a year and the number of stages in the evolution of our organisms:
Number of stages: 8 stages of evolution x 10 alphas (0.x) of those stages
Approximate number of sub-alphas (example: 0.1.x): 6 sub-alphas for each alpha
Waiting time for a sub-alpha: 3 months
Months of a year: 12

12 months / 3 = 4 sub-alphas per year (not counting vacation months)

8 x 10 = 80 alphas for game launch

80 alphas x 6 sub-alphas = 480 sub-alphas for game launch

So there would be 480 sub-alphas left before thrive comes out, this does not count the sub-alphas that have already come out, thanks for reading!


As for me, I think that a realistic date of Thrive’s release could be 4th of September 2058, which is the 50th anniversary of Spore’s release.