Evo game thing but not luck based

Willow, an endosymbiotic relationship with algae is a mutation, not an act (I never even said anything about acts being in this game, but I guess we’ll keep it), GodOfKnowledge, you need to redo yours because Vono’cikir aren’t predators, besides, if you look at the map, none of the Vono’cikir even are near any Aeleari. Fralegend and possibly Centaurian (who voted, but that might have been a mistake), you still need to make a species. Cha and Doomlightning, you’re fine.

Ancestor: Eridosi
Name: Tetradosi
Mutation: the tentacles split during embryonic development and grow into 4 tentacles.

I should probably revive this so it doesn’t die before it’s even ready to start.