Evo game thing but not luck based

The game starts with only a handful of macroscopic species, including:


A crablike creature with six shovel-like legs, two swordlike arms, and a shell that can open, when the shell is opened, a long, kelp-like appendage is released, and it buries under the sand to become sessile, if something tries to eat it well it is sessile, it jumps out of the sand and attempts to impale it. It tends not to go on land much, as it can’t become sessile while still gaining energy.


Creatures resembling sharks, except for two large tentacles on the front of their faces which they use to grab prey, which are normally Vono’cikir from under the sand, they typically hunt in packs.


Algae eating creatures that look like manta rays, they can change the color of their skin to hide from the Eridosi, they also have four legs.

Multple people can pick the same one, obviously, because only 3 people wouldn’t be very fun.

Nitrogen: 76.81%
Oxygen: 21.35%
Water Vapor: 0.43%
Argon: 1.38%
Carbon Dioxide: 0.03%
DENSITY: 1.82atm

Average temperature: 22C
Gravity: 1.84g
Axial tilt: 13.5°
Star: G9.5
Orbit: 0.71Au


Red: Vono’cikir, Purple: Eridosi, Orange: Aeleari.

The game is turn based.
Evolving a new limb will take a long time, it will take 3 turns per bone, and more to lengthen them.
Your species population will passively expand.
Every turn, your species may diverge into others.
I currently have no plans for “winning” the game, it will just go until it gets boring.

Sorry, I accidentally posted again, but I’m basically done, so this will become the new thread and I’ll close the other one.

i will pick Aeleari and evolve an endosymbiotic relationship with a unicellular algae

Are you stealing my example species for plant civs?
Also I’m waiting for players.

no. i’m making one of my species from my evo game but where i want it to be. and since there are no lizards i am using the manta rays

Oh lol, the species I had made was a manta ray and it used hydrogen producing algae to assist its flight.

i am going to make something like that but completely different in it’s structure and having four legs and two wings

Well I guess count me in

u can count me to, then its ready

Ill be in

What species are you choosing?

  • Vono’cikir
  • Eridosi
  • Aeleari

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Edit: Eridosi and Aeleari sexually reproduce and lay eggs, Vono’cikir produce seeds asexually.

Edit 2: Now that everyone who has joined has voted, I will be starting TOMMOROW, because 4 people seems a little small, I want a chance to have at least 5.

me join too so me play

Sorry, I’m starting a bit late (school), so to start, create a name for you’re branch of the species, and the first mutation.

IMPORTANT: I’m changing the rules a bit, so instead of it taking 3 turns for a new bone, it only takes one, but for muscles to move it thats another turn PER MUSCLE, and another turn to lengthen the bones and muscles.

mine will be

Origin species: aeleari
Name: capsilaris draconus(means “encapsulated dragon”)
Mutation: silica membrane on skin
Act: avoid all other animals

Origin- OG crab

Name- Crabtree veruno

Mutation- Kelp attachment has a mucular system that traps prey like the encapsulated dragon and reels it towards the crab.

Act- Eliminate as much encalulated dragon as possible, to greatly increase my species size.

but why tho. you could just eat some instead of trying to make me go extinct as early as possible. also aren’t you able to photosynthesize with the kelp thing? also my species is called capsilaris draconus and the meaning of those two words when put together is encapsulated dragon.

Origin species: Vono’cikir

Name: Vono’chelae

Mutation: A extra kelp appendage to gain more energy (and if I can making them stiffer)

Act: Spawn in shallows to avoid predation as young allowing them to photosynthesize in safety

I don’t know where you guys got the idea that Vono’cikir are carnivores, they photosynthesise.

This when I browse through it thought it was a semi-“carnivorus” then I saw the later half after reading

Name: Scrual Scrual
Origin: Aeleari
Mutant: Aerodynamic bodyplan