Evolution cycle fantheory (WIP)

Here is my Fantheory that compiles EVO, Spore, DarkSpore, and Thrive.
If you’ve never heard of EVO or DarkSpore, look up wiki pages or walkthroughs on them before reading this theory. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

4.6 billion years ago, in our universe, a young G-major star named Sol had nine planets orbiting it and named the third from him Gaia. Sol promised his child that in a billion years, she will have life. The one life form that can reach the Garden of Eden will be her mate and they will create a new era together. And thus, from simple chemicals, the first cells emerged within the still depths of Earth’s oceans. Over billions of years, life became closer and closer to what we know it as today.

But something went wrong.

Evolution diverged from its foretold path. Gaia, the spirit of life, could not handle it herself, so she assigned a primitive fish (The player) in the Cambrian as a super-spy to discover the purpose behind this alternate history. To suffice the secret mission, the fish is granted the ability to evolve himself by consuming other organisms and manifesting their DNA into his own body parts. The fish uses his newfound power to clear out the creatures in his way. Along the way, he finds special crystals that to him about and give him DNA, health, tips on evolution, and even a whole form unacceptable by normal evolution. As he overhears the weeds, he discovers the first piece of the mystery: The Kuraselach Leader. He was frustrated by the Stromatolites attempting to colonize the land, so he sent his frenzy to restrain their progress and kill anyone who helps the oxygenizers. Our fish spy simply slices through the sharks and frees the plants from the water. Gaia grants him the power to walk on land and evolves the fish into an amphibian.

Marching on with the second part of his mission, the amphibious spy discovers a peaceful population of amphibians within Devonian marshlands. He easily defeats the buff Debustega, and the leader and his grandson congratulate our protagonist. The elder reveals that the marshland is being terrorized by giant insects, whom are also eating all the plants. His son and the child’s father went off to put down the King Bee, but he never came back. When the hero comes across the father, the latter sacrifices himself so that the former can bring down the insects. He succeeds, but the deforestation is still in effect. As a result, our amphibian and others evolve into reptiles to cope with the vast deserts. Queen Bee duels our hero for killing her husband, but falls as well. Then, our reptile moved on to the Mesozoic era.

The dinosaurs were not much stranger than we remember them to be, but the amphibians were. They were watching over the plants that the dinosaurs ate plenty of. But then, he meets a Syrocosaurus whose child has recently been kidnapped. The criminals are none other than Prime Frogs, who are squished for their actions by our Dino hero. When his child is returned, the Syrocosaurus gives out a legend about a dinosaur who climbed to the top of Mt. Brave. At the top, he was given the chance to become a new creature. He was admired by many for the courage he had shown by changing into a new clade, which had capabilities no other creature had. The dino changed his name to “Ptenodon” and left for a new world. Our hero gets that same idea, and follows the legend’s steps, additionally killing the Prime Frog Mother along the way. When he jumped off Mt. Brave, he had obtained a new ability: flight. He knew that this would help solve the mystery, so he took to the skies. Eventually, he reached above the atmosphere, and reveals a colony of exospheric pteradons among an asteroid field. They remark that intelligence is more important than strength. They are also aware that if the asteroid field falls, the biosphere will suffer. But the bird hero catches an alien powering a pteradons’s brain and giving him a crystal, keeping it in his own mind. When he returns to earth, he finds Deltadiums conversing about their underdog status. To finish this part off, our bird hero faces the Tyrasaurus clan. The predators give our hero a choice to join their rule. He refuses, and they battle, but they are interrupted by the foreshadowed meteor shower.

Our hero escapes to the next time period, but all the dinosaurs are killed off by the impacts. The mammals take this opportunity to take over, and forge the Ice age. Evolution is slowed down, but stronger animals are made from it. Our bird comes across the souls of the Syrocosaurus tribe he helped periods earlier. To repay, they give him the power to become a mammal. The hero accepts, and sacrifices his feathery power to advance in fur. However, other mammals converse about the possibility of surviving non-avian dinosaurs and the threat of white bipedal mammals called Yeti. The former are discovered, but of no concern to our hero. After looping around the earth, our hero comes across the Mammoth trio, who allegedly say that even the Yeti fear them. They claim that our mammal hero is a yeti, and they attack him. After the battle, their gal sees through it and tells him that the trio thought they could defeat the Yeti with a crystal. She also tells him about a mountain in the southwest and a one-way Ice pole spirit. Our hero sees to it, but when he gets there, he is captured by sentient birdmen in a stellar fortress. The mammal storms the fortress and meets up with Bird-King, the magic boss of the birdmen. He reveals that they are the descendants of the pteradons that had lived in the asteroids during the Mesozoic. They got their power from the crystals that aliens had given them. They also plan to conquer the universe and allows our mammal hero to join. He does not accept, and he brings down the fortress. Many birdmen were lost in the colony drop. However, it also opens the entrance to the Yeti domain. Our mammal meets Sir Yeti, who also used the crystals to gain strength. The mammal kills him and his wife, leaving the junior orphaned. Our hero realizes how much pain needed to happen to complete the mission. Gaia gives him a pep talk and sends him to the final part of the assignment.

Now approaching Eden, some deer tell our mammal hero that there are now creatures who can hold things in their front limbs called tools. He asks a clade of hidden Segosaurus on how to become one of these bipeds. The Sego gives him clues of the face of a cat and the body of a rabbit. There are reports of shiny silver objects flying and amphibians continuing to monitor vegetation. Continuing on, there comes across the Monkey human tribe, a bipedal race of monkeys that use tools by the power of crystals. Though clever, they are cleared out by the hero. He defeats the descendent of the Yeti junior without trouble. The next group he meets are Ditryma, the flightless descendants of the birdmen. Passing by, he senses the need for help in the oceans, and dives under to become a merman. He faces the Rogons, who evolved from fish to fend off the cetaceans. They used the power of the Crystals to protect the oceans, but the fishmen are quickly felled. The cetaceans thank our mammal hero by giving him his land form and open the mountain to Eden. Queen Bee returns, thanking the one in the north. After a quick battle, Tyranosaurs lived again to fend him off, also thanking the one in the north.

Just as he is at the gate of the mountain to Eden, he is faced with Cro-maine. He used to be in the Monkey Human tribe, but they outcasted him for being balder and smarter. When he came to the cave, the one in it assigned him as the guard. The guard is felled, and the mammal presses inward. He discovers the Dino-people, who escaped extinction and evolved using the crystals. After they are stormed, the mystery is all solved. Our mammal discovers the one behind it all: Bolbox, the alleged strongest creature on earth. He was the one who gave the crystals to each boss and diverged evolution for his own personal gain. He says to be evolved into a caveman by consuming the eight crystals the Dino-people used. The monster claims that he will become Gaia’s partner, and rule the future, and that our hero will never complete his mission. Bolbox reveals his true form, which is a giant single-celled protist. All hope seems lost, but our hero has a revelation. He can make Bolbox use the crystals to attack him while the energy of the crystals is stored within him. Our mammal trusts this plan, and one by one, the energy of the crystals was his. Bolbox was now defenseless. Our hero uses the energy of the Crystals, and Gaia’s heart, to evolve into a true human. And so, with one final blow, Bolbox was defeated, and shrunk to his original size, never to grow again. The human spy unites with Gaia in Eden. The aliens from Mars apologize sincerely. All they wanted was to help life evolve by using the crystals. They ended up screwing up the path of life. Gaia and the spy forgive them, but they entrust them to never interfere with history. Sol congratulates our hero and entrusts him with Gaia’s hand in marriage. The spy does not fail, because everything he did, he did it for love, and that love was for Gaia. In return, Gaia returns his love for going through such troubles, and they are married. Sol gifts the human with “Intelligence” to help the planet prosper. And off the spouses went, to create humanity.

Evolution was finally corrected, and the age of mankind was at hand. Though the other tribes had gone far with elevators and pottery, they couldn’t have one of the abilities that humans did: agriculture. This allowed people to grow their own food so they wouldn’t have to hunt and gather. Over time, they learned to use metal, assigned complex governments, mastered machinery and became a global species. Some even have the energy of that long-forgotten animal hero. We call them Sims. In our 21st century, the Sims lived peacefully with no interaction with talking blobs or sentient dinosaurs. But….

Remember the Birdmen that were fallen by Gaia’s husband in mammal form? Some survived. Those living fossils were caught in the mysterious powers of Martian technology. Since the fall of their society, the Birdmen were now wanted revenge on Earth. So, they took advantage of the technology… killed all martians that opposed… shed their wings… adopted australopithecine bodies… and became…


They waged war on Simkind, knowing they wouldn’t know their purpose for attack. All life on Earth suffered in extinction. They stole the power of the system and killed everyone. Except Gaia’s husband. was furious and, with a spiritual body, took on one of the Masaari’s bodies and defeated them from inside. He adds alterations to one of their UFOs and gives himself a new name… “Steve.”

It was a tragic day for our Solar System. There was no chance of even restoring Earth, let alone reviving Simanity. Instead, Steve opened a wormhole to another universe with his interdimensional powers and brings the entire solar system with him. The wormhole led to the aforementioned unknown galaxy – devoid of life, but extremely peaceful. This universe was ruled by a god called Spode. Steve befriended the creature and begged him for the power to revive his family. Spode accepted, and manifested the family’s energy in a tool made from the very void of space – The Staff of Life. With his newfound power, he turned barren rocks to T3 planets, with thrice the diversity of Earth’s biosphere. Now here’s where it gets even more interesting…

Steve noticed that the resulting civilizations in this universe acted similar to the ones from his. That’s a result of mankind stored within the staff, from their body structure to their spirits and prana. But we know that there was one creature who didn’t inherit that humanity: Gar’ skuther, The Infector. He was known for his vile experiments of combining two creatures to make one, unlike our version of simply taking the genes of one creature and inserting it into the other. His latest experiment was, instead, combining his best technology with the primitive species known as the Grob. However, in time, the Oogies were born. Their mere existence was enough to give Gar seizure-like pains. He tried to kill them all, but two were lucky enough to survive: Big Oogie and Little Oogie. Their home planet, Tapti, was among a group of special planets. Their life itself obtained Steve’s technique of evolution, though some changes were made in the process. When Gar captured Little Oogie, Big Oogie went after them, using his few-of-a-kind trait. Gar is killed, Big Oogie and Little Oogie reunite, but the Grob lived on.

Like a plague, these xenocyborgs spread across the galaxy, assimilating everything. They became known as the Grox. Steve didn’t see in it, thinking it was just part of Spode’s plan, and continued with his mission. This was a huge mistake. The Grox began mass-producing and assimilating other species into theirs. Then they mastered FTL – Faster Than Light Travel. They could go from one system to the next in seconds. Within a year, over 100 civilizations fell to the Grox. They needed to be stopped. So, Steve put them against the Mozilla empire, one of the strongest civilizations in the Spore universe. The Grox and the Mozilla fought for a century. Eventually the Grox won, and Steve knew he alone could not stop them. He waited within the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy and remained there until one day, the player species would meet him, obtain the staff of life, relieve the Spore galaxy of the Grox, and bring back his family.

Feel free to add your own pieces whenever you like!


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