Evolution in the society/industrial/space stage

It should be possible to evolve in the later stages. Evolution should be availible through having your society use eugenics, which should allow you to effectively domesticate your species, but there should be some downsides. Another method would be genetic engineering, which would allow evolution with a large amount of mutation points, that would increase as you research genetic engineering.

I agree that your species should evolve in the later stages, but the entire society stage would probably take place in around 1 evolution cycle.

The eugenics-based evolution would only allow minor tweaks over short timescales, and the gene-editing-based evolution would be less constrained by time

To me you would still evolve but to a less greater extent than the aware stage

Genetic engineering would probably be the only way to drastically evolve your species in a short period of time other than using the Ascension tools of course

Examples of this in humans

yes i wasn’t writing all the examples

biological evo afftecs cultural evolution and cultural evo affects biological evolution