Explore creatures created by artificial intelligence!

AI can create some weird stuff, especially animals, microbes, etc. But we never get to know more about these weird creatures…. UNTIL NOW.

We start by generating an image with an unknown animal in it. Then you fill in details, like it’s behavior, anatomy, evolution, etc. After we are satisfied with what has been created, we make a new ai generated image and keep going’s I think this would be pretty fun, so that’s why I’m making this post.

Ill start with this image, made via stable diffusion. Looks pretty creepy.

I’ll add a list of every “finished” creature here, once that happens.


:sparkles: imagur exists :sparkles:

Are you sure imagur exists?


plus it doesnt take unneccessary space on the forums…

You mean imgur tho right, which u want me to upload to instead of forums.


after that you can simply embed the link thing and it’ll show the image iirc

alright, done, uploaded on imgur now

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