Fake and funny album cover contest 2# end november 30th

before the true voting begins, should we give more time for people to make submissions?

  • yes, another month
  • yes, another week
  • yes, another day
  • no, voting begins today

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I will 100% get the last place

what is the best album cover?

  • hearts of IRS
  • bobby and the funky gibbons

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That poll formatting is wrong

Nvm, you fixed it

its fixed now dont worry

You do know the poll let’s you choose multiple options right?

oops sorry, please just vote for 1

At least it doesn’t let you select all 3 options like some polls that I’ve seen on here…

I think select two just works as a vote against the third

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aight so i accidently

  • bobby and the funky gibbons
  • hands of fate
  • hearts of irs
  • i didnt have time to make my own album, please add more time

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made it so people could pick multiple so im restarting the pole

the winner is bobby and the funky gibbbons!

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i guess a new contest is starting