Fall of Mankind Game

This game will be a game in which you cause an apocalypse. For our first scenario, you will have to answer quite a few polls:

  • Disease
  • Other(AI uprising, alien invasion. Mention in comments what your idea exactly is.)
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If you chose disease, what disease type?

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Parasite
  • Fungus
  • Prion
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Starting world:

  • Earth with Dumb Humans(Easy)
  • Earth(Normal)
  • Cyberpunk Earth(Tricky)
  • Type 2 Civilization(Hard)
  • Galactic Civilization(Brutal)
  • Humans have control over universe(Mega-Brutal)
  • Backrooms(???)
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  • Start completely from scratch
  • Preset Disease(If disease is voted)
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Just some preset scenario ideas:
Smiling Disease- Inspired by analog horror Smile Tapes.
Still Human- A parasite influence global diplomatics by altering human thinking in subtle ways to the point humans are now “quasi-human”.
Get a life syndrome- A prion causes people to have a nearly uncontrollable urge to touch grass.

i feel like it should be a fungus that replaces the blood and the brain to control the host if fungus wins so the apocalypse doesn’t just end in under a month if we don’t infect fast enough

It has been decided by the polls. Our disease will originate in the backrooms and its goal will be to wipe out all humans in the backrooms. Our disease is a parasitic pathogen. Will our first host be human?

  • Human
  • Not Human
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Now what will be the entity we first infect?

  • Smiler
  • Hound
  • Skin Stealer
  • Jerry the Parrot
  • Faceling
  • Other
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Ok Jerry the Parrot is infected. Jerry the Parrot with many followers, and so the followers soon make contact with our parasite. How will the parasite transmit?

  • Feces
  • Airborne
  • Waterborne
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Animal Vectors
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Ok what will be our first symptom or will we even have one?

  • No symptoms(no increased spread)
  • Smiling(Can evolve down a zombie-like route along with gaining the trust of others, allowing closer contact and spread.)
  • Coughing(Generic spreading method)
  • Sneezing(More infectious than coughing but more visible)
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Note: I used the wheel of names to help decide the numbers.
Over the course of 10 days, we have infected 100 people. 100 people are now smiling.

  • Mania(Leads to increased physical movement and manic laughter. Visible but increased movement increases infectivity.)
  • Sadism(Happiness and joy from harming and infecting others. Very visible but sharply increases infectivity.)
  • Heightened Senses(While the normal human struggles to hear leaves rustle, the smiler finds it at ease to hear the footsteps of his next victim several miles away. Visible due to the intense focus required but increases infectivity in the long term.)
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At this point, all Followers of Jerry outposts across the backrooms have at least one infected in each of them. We should use this to our advantage.

  • Mania(read previous poll description)
  • Polyphagia(Massive hunger may result in increased amount of muscle cells resulting in increased effectiveness of the smilers.)
  • Insanity(Psychosis coupled with violent tendencies will lead down to the loss of humanity and thus insanity. Loss of humanity may come with an entire loss of morals, resulting in a massive increase in infectivity.)
  • Swarm Behavior(The infected begin to bunch into groups numbering in tens. This is near useless though without violent tendencies.)
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The Followers of Jerry believe that their extreme hunger is a punishment from Jerry for their sins. Meanwhile, Jerry himself is extremely hungry, and all his followers are sacrificing themselves to be eaten by Jerry. Before the infected numbers plummet to much, we need to stop this:

  • Unity(The infected and Jerry recognize each other as the same as the cult collapses to a new name: The Infected)
  • Violent Tendencies(The parasite secretes dopamine every time the victim attacks/infects a non-infected.)
  • Mania(Manic laughter creates fear among the non-infected. This is essential to chase and corner the non-infected but is detrimental when heavily outnumbered by non-infected.)
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Violence grips the Followers along with Jerry as the sacrifice stops and they all flood to:

  • Promised Land
  • Level 399
  • Level 3999
  • Level 0
  • Level 1
  • Other(State in reply)
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In an event known as the “The Promised Massacre”, 300 of the infected massacred 315 individuals in a Megacolony outpost in The Rosatin Hotel. We gained 300 infected in total. Only 10 infected were killed from the element of surprise. We will be venturing into Neon Natatorium next. This area consists of many pools.

  • Growths- The parasite stimulates tissue projections that allow for multiple “classes” diverged from the infected.
  • Congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis- The infected no longer feel pain both physically and emotionally. However, they do know when they are being harmed, only in a less restrictive manner.
  • Mania- read previous poll
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The Genocide continues as the promised land is ravaged. We have infected 500 more, but only have lost 50. We march into the Neon Natatorium. Do note that the Megacolony has over 100,000 members in population and resides mainly in The Rosatin Hotel. We only divert 100 infected to the pools.

  • Growths(read previous description)
  • Mania(read previous description)
  • Almond Water Resistance
  • Self-cloning(allows infected numbers to rise by themselves)
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We develop Almond Water Resistance and continue our march into the pools. With our resistance too, combat is increasingly in our favor back in The Rosatin Hotel. The Genocide has got us 1000 infected in just the past day, with only 50 losses. The Megacolony, though far from total destruction, is declaring an organization-wide emergency. We should expect M.E.G. to help and send reinforcements. Right now we have two good strategies:

  • Develop Self-cloning to produce fresh units in the pool to send into the battle. This will be quicker but less effective.
  • Develop growths so we can develop classes(swarmers, swimmers, blitzers, etc.). This will take more time but be more effective.
  • Growths(read previous polls)
  • Self-cloning(read previous poll)
  • Loss of humanity and the awakening(???)
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Good job thinking outside the box. Both other strategies allow us to survive, but this allows us to THRIVE(especially since these are THRIVE forums). The M.E.G. establish bunkers in the arcades and The Rosatin Hotel in an effort to sandwich us, only for our infected to quickly overrun their defenses. The numbers of the infected have more than simply tripled-- they have awaken.

  • R.U.N.(Inhuman running speed combined with violent bursts of mania and aggressive behavior DISSOLVES non-infected morale.)
  • Growths(does as previously mentioned but also allows for the development of more divergent strains, which can prove to be more than thought.)
  • SMILE(Although already uncanny, the smiles of the infected become so abnormally huge that studies have shown a eldritch-scale amount of fear in the victims of the infected.)
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We no longer are human inside, and this now holds true outside as well.
New strain:

  • Rapid No Clip Variant- The infected of this strain have tumor-like growths of parasites around the muscles. These muscles are enhanced for superior no-clipping by the nutrients the parasites steal from the bloodstream. Unfortunately, this may result in blood complications and a lower lifespan resultingly.
  • Sonic- Blue dye is produced by cells that are normally responsible for hair growth. More importantly however, abnormally high amounts of speed is achieved from leg muscle enhancement. Hair growth is accelerated as well. However, this divert of nutrients to the leg muscles costs either brainpower or loss of power in the upper extremities.
  • Manic Einstein- Increased activity in the frontal lobe results in improved memory and more clever plans to catch non-infected. This however comes at the cost of reduced strength and increased severity of mania(which has minor downsides along with it’s bigger advantages).
  • Swarmer- Smaller but weaker units of the infected are preferred in this strain for increased reproductive rates.
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Despite their child-sized bodies, the swarmers quickly overrun major bases in The Rosatin Hotel. The Megacolony is crumbling at only 50,000 members left. A few regular infected(now called smilers) have no-clipped into:

  • Level !
  • Level 0
  • Level 37
  • Level 699
  • Level 4
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New strain:

  • Cacklers - The vocal chord is strengthened to withstand laughing of a volume 10 times stronger while lasting 5 times longer. This is useful in not only crumbling enemy morale but also rallying the infected. However, this strain has poor stamina from the immense energy required to maniacally laugh at this volume.
  • Sonic- (previous poll)
  • Starvelings- While the typical infected can transmit through bite, they primarily rely on parasite eggs released into the air for transmission. This is otherwise with the starvelings, as despite their starved look, they first strike their target with a sharp object, followed with a bite. Their teeth look more wolf-like and can excrete hydrochloric acid.
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The infected haunt the yellow monochrome madness. M.E.G. is taking heavy notice of our activities. Megacolony is only at 10,000 members left and under martial law. Our infected numbers are at 100,000. Because all of this, M.E.G. is sending tens of thousands of elite teams to take down the infected. In the Promised Land, a quarantine has been issued.

Next symptom:

  • Zoonosis- All animals can now be infected. This in turn opens up a wide range of new strains.
  • Scout Protein- Parasite cells secrete “scout proteins” that sneak into the cellular membrane. Afterwards, these “scout proteins” rapidly multiply to about 5,000 to 20,000 copies. When this number is reached, the proteins go on a rampage and hijack nearly all ribosomes along with the nucleus. They produce dormant parasite DNA that can be activated when the patient(still sane and thus not infected)is being cured of the parasite. This also implies that any infected can rapidly disintegrate into billions of parasites when under attack.
  • Immune Takeover- Immune cells are hijacked to attack the Immune cells of another organism that the infected blood makes contact with. This makes the blood both essentially poisonous and infective.
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The scout protein proves highly effective and the elite teams being sent in are rapidly crushed. An alliance known as the Coalition of the Non-Infected(CNI) is formed.
Next symptom:

  • Scout Protein Secretion- Scout Proteins spread to any surfaces that any part of the infected makes physical contact with. This means spread by anything the infected touch. These scout proteins are not destroyed by sanitation too.
  • Zoonosis(read previous poll)
  • Scout Protein Post Mortis- Scout Proteins remain indefinitely(given perfect conditions) past death. This may even result in zombie-like reanimation.
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Next strain:

  • Starveling(previous poll)
  • Cackler(previous poll)
  • Planters- The infected takes root in a location(typically soil but almost anywhere). The infected begins secreting extremely strong acid, while not digesting itself due to rapid regeneration. Tendrils will extend into any surface it is planted into, searching for nutrients but also any chemicals it can turn into an armor(concrete → concrete armor appears on skin). The strain is vocal but also capable of alerting nearby infected of the presence of non-infected. This can be particularly life-threatening as planters self-camouflage into their surroundings.
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And an upgrade for our Sonic strain:

  • Aimbot- The sonic variant dashes and flips at targets with highly increased accuracy(50% hit chance → 99.99%+). This results from an enhanced cerebellum.
  • 36000 degrees- When flipping or leaping at non-infected, sonic will rotate 100 revolutions per second. This will replicate sonic’s “rolling jump” along with deflecting some projectiles.
  • Small explosion for an infected, great leap for smilekind- Sonic can explode into billions of Scout Proteins when leaping at a dense crowd of infective.
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The CNI is considering the deployment of nuclear weapons. Most if not all colonies in the backrooms have ended their wars to fight the infected. Even facelings are being deployed into the armies of the containment teams. We now control level 3999 completely. The Megacolony is at 1000 members and has fled to level 699.

  • Scout Protein Post Mortis(previous poll)
  • Scout Protein Secretion(previous poll)
  • Scout Protein Computer(Scout Proteins not in use will arrange themselves such that they gain computing abilities, in a similar way as Conway’s game of life. Each cell of an infected now has mathematical capabilities. The benefits are enormous. The occupied cells can do math and function somewhat as a mini-brain.)
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New strain:

  • Swoopers- Avian-infected will now mutate into a strain that stalks the skies, waiting for a moment to swoop and infect an unsuspecting target.
  • Maulers- Infected bears mutate into a behemoth of an organism. Thick armored skin is fireproof and bulletproof.
  • Cacklers-(previous poll)
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CNI has confirmed the usage of nuclear weapons, amid widespread disruption to daily life in the backrooms. Nukes are planned to hit level 3999 and levels with a high concentration of smilers.
Our decision:

  • Sabotage nuclear silos in an attempt to cause a backfire.
  • Flee levels being targeted.
  • Other(leave a reply)
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