False speed parameter/ Possible infinte speed

There is a bug in cell creating interface lets say u have 3 united cell and in this cell u put tail on not the middle but the near to middle unit. End then in the next evolotion step u move to tail middle section and speed will be incrices but in the same evolution step if you click return back button tail will go back his previous location without chaning new speed rate. I didnt tested yet but it can also mean infinte speed incrise.

I will update this topic tomorrow just remind me with video you will understand better or im beliving u can understand the sitiuation.

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It looks more like the speed isn’t updated properly.

This could be this known issue:

or related to:

No @hhyyrylainen my bug is diffrent, probably have the same origin with first but diffrent one.
There is the bug video i didnt tested if its stackble think if you want to i can test it ?

Opened a new issue for that:

Seems likely that the organism statistics don’t get recomputed when a move action is undone.