Fan Art: Imperior

The Imperior is a giant insect that grown up to 90cm (120cm for females) and can jump up to 3 times his own size. He is a predatory insect. He uses his tiny claws to search for food inside wooden logs and holes, but don’t fool yourself, he don’t have eyes but he has two antennas that senses every movement and has 6 heat sensors in the sides of the head

Curiosity: the wings is not for fly, its for attract the females, and females don’t have wings btw


Is this for concept art or the TU?

:eye: the mind has been opened :eye:


I tried


:eye: opening the mind was well worth it :eye:

well nice try, but i think you should make something like this:
BEHOLD THE EMPERIOR (yeah i made some changes)

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Looks pretty good!

I’m assuming they’re intelligent beings, based on their upright body structure.

and the fact that they have forward facing eyes probably means that they are a predator

True, so a carnivorous, possibly intelligent, possibly spacefaring, species. Nice.

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why don’t you guys read the description?

Okay, so its not sentient. It looks a little strange because of its bipedalness, but other than that, its great. Maybe you should put it in the TU?

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i would love it, but i’m not good at those 3d modelling

Edit: “TU” means Thrive Universe Right?

Yeah, it doesent have much to do with 3D modelling though.