How does agriculture work? Would space farms exist? Why would a civilization need farming if they can hunt?

Farming as a whole is more stable, since you can (more or less) always farm in the same spot, which helps when settling down to create huge cities. Hunting relies on the animals, who tend to migrate and move around a lot, so it’s much harder for a civ to settle down as a hunting tribe.


What about the natural disasters? Those will definitely destroy crops or maybe sometimes help them.

They’d also kill animals, and are often rare enough that it’s not worth it to give up a farming society for it. (If anything, stuff like flooding and volcanic eruptions would even make the land more fertile)


Crop farming can also support way more people per area of land than hunting. As a rule of thumb, about a tenth of the energy in each level of the food chain makes it to the next level. So if you’re hunting animals that themselves eat plants or other animals, you’ll get much less of the original energy input of the sun.

Even foraging usually can’t support the same number of people as crop farming, because of competition from inedible plants.

Maybe even space farms where we have planet size surfaces of crops floating around a star?