Favorite Animal?

This seemed like a cool thread that should have already existed on this forum given the scientific nature of the game.

The main idea is simple:

A- What is your favorite animal?
B- Why is that animal your favorite?
C- What other animals are really cool? (Optional)

Note: It doesn’t have to be an animal; please enlighten us on your favorite microbes or plants as well.
Note 2: Your reply doesn’t have to follow the ABC dash format up there; feel free to be artistic.

You may post nice pictures of your favorite animal whenever your heart desires.


My fave animal was always the Okapi. It has such a magnificent presence but the decreasing population numbers concern me since my childhood.

Apart from that I really like peacocks, tapirs and pretty much any other bird.

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  1. Crows
  2. They are smart, funny and… I see them every day!
  3. Any other birds, cats, dogs and their relatives, crocodiles, Komodo dragons.
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Just realised I haven’t answered my own question.

I’ve noticed that at any moment, I have multiple favourite animals depending on what I am thinking of.

For example, on my profile, I set my favourite animal as being a tiger; I find them to be beautiful creatures, somehow making their savage hunting look magnificent with their overwhelming strength at unnerving speed.

Another one of my favorite animals would be the honeybadger. I just find them to be comically badass (<-- can I do that), and their intelligence paired with their resilience and confidence makes me happy.


Orcas are also a recent animal I have really picked up an interest in. Their intelligence is really astonishing, and the fact that there has never been a recorded causality due to a Orca-attack despite their weaponry in human history blows my mind; some scientists say this could be due to a social norm within Orca-culture which goes against attacking humans, which is absolutely crazy.

I have many more animals which I love - wolves, dogs, beavers, etc. - but I’m pretty sure that would be too many pictures in one post.


My favorite animal has to be the Dunkleosteus.

It just looks so interesting to me, and the jaw is what gets me. Fossils like this is what has always interested me for years, and I image what these creatures looked like while alive.


I have many favorite animals too, but if I have to choose one animal, then I guess it will be…
Yeah, pigeons, they can fly, I really would like to give a long speech for the pigeon’s intelligence, but with my english, it will be a really poor show, so I will use wikipedia article (that is poor show too, but still is better): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigeon_intelligence


I guess my favourite animal is the donkey, because it always just seemed so dorky to be a real animal for me. I even wrote a story about donkeys for a school project once, so I guess they’re pretty cool to me. Other less dorky animals I enjoy are butterflies and cats, both are pretty and cute.

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My favorite animal is the painted dog, which is a wild dog in Africa that has an huntingsuccess rate of 80%. It is the most efficient hunter in Africa. (For reference lions have less than a 30% success rate)

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Believe it or not, my favorite animal is the Octopus.

So elegant and graceful, yet they can camouflage, fit through tiny gaps, and they just look and move so damn cool. Powerful eyes, high intelligence, and are just in general great creatures.

(Look at the absolute size of this lad!)


Personally my favorite animal is the Japanese spider crab or macrocheira kaempferi instead of the many other crustaceans on earth due to the fascinating length of its limbs which I’m guessing may be used to keep the main body out of attacking range from its prey. Other than the Japanese spider crab I would say that Euphyllia Glabrescens or torch coral is my second favorite animal.


The Portuguese man o war! (or any siphonophore)

all siphonophores are not singular organisms but rather a colony of tiny creatures working together in unison to survive.

Similarly to how our cells have specialized to function in certain ways. the colony of polyps which make up the Portuguese man o war have specialized so much that they are unable to survive without the aid of one another.

Sometimes i have this re-occuring thought in my head. Life always takes a step up in complexity. from simple cells, to clusters of eukaryotic cells, and to Animals and complex life. life has always managed to find its way. What if the polyps in siphonophores specialised even more. what if they had light receptive polyps, polyps capable of sending other polyps electrical and chemical signals similarly to how neurons in our brain do. The possibilities are limitless. and the thought never crossed my mind until i read C.M. Kösemen’s book “all tommorows”

his genetically modified humans known as the modular people are not people but rather groups of specialized blobs of “human” specialized in certain tasks, there are digestive human blobs, optical blobs etc.



Tardigrades, jellyfish “turitopsis nutricula” and naked mole rats - immortal creatures(:
and i like scorpions, ants, spiders and onychophoras)


I like echinoderms. The brittle star is probably the most charismatic of them, so I’ll go with it.

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I do like raccoons. They are smart creatures with a closely human curiosity.

My favorite animal? The spitting cobra. Lemme tell you why.

First of all, they have a really cool ability.

The ability to SPIT VENOM. From like 12 feet away. They are also snakes, which are cool by default. They are also cobras, which makes them even cooler.

I rest my case.

Some other cool animals I like are the saw shark, the secretary bird, and the saltwater crocodile.

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I’m very partial to cats

Here a few reasons why I adore cats:

  • they are little, baby-sized and can cuddle up easily in my arms or on my lap.
  • I’m a sucker for their little faces. Something about the big eyes, little buttony noses, whiskers and tiny mouths that I find so adorable.
  • they’re fur is usually soft

They remind me of tiny little tigers and lion cubs and I love watching them play.


octopus, cat, and lobster

octopi have civilizations and they act like humans in a lot of ways

cats are soft and will hunt flies, roaches, rats, and mice

lobsters can become gods and are immortal if you help them molt when they struggle to do so themselves


Chickens are actually better at killing mice than cats.

But the other two are based choices

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A) Guinea Pigs
B) Because they’re so sweet and cuddly, and they’re pretty smart for rodents
C) Octopuses, Man o’ Wars, Leaf Sheep, African Grey Parrots, and New Caledonian Crows are cool as well

Here’s a picture of my little old guinea pig lady:


My favorite animal is the axolotl because it looks cute. Also it regenerates body parts.

Other animals I like are tube worms, leaf slugs, flying snakes, bombardier beetles and velociraptors.