Favorite books, movies and etc

I create that thread to speak about good books,movies and etc, you know. If any threads are were, you can close that thread, but i don’t see ever threads about that. If someone wants, i think in game will add parodies (like in sims). My favorite movies - Pirates of Caribbean. I don’t know why, but it is. And my favorite books now - books from Aisec Asimov. I especially like the collection of books about detective Elijah Bailey and R. Daniel Olivo. And you?


Favorite books: The Upside of Unrequited, The My Teacher is an Alien series, and the Harry Potter books

Favorite movies: The old MIB movies, Hairspray, and Star Wars 4, 5, and 6 (the good ones)


Favorite music: Tainted love by soft cell, Hello, Goodbye by the glee cast, Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye, and a few “newer” songs like 3 Nights by Dominic Fike, Trampoline by SHAED, and Speak Life by TobyMac

Favorite games: Rain world, Splatoon 2 (specifically the Octo Expansion), Dead Cells, Spore, Thrive, Subnautica, and Minecraft

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I don’t really have favorite movies, but if I did, I’d say that The Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie series since they were the first movies I ever watched in my entire lifetime.
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My favorite movies consist of pretty much every Lord of the Rings movies as well as the Harry Potter movies. I also like Troy because of the battle scenes. This leads into why I like Total War games so much, I like watching armies fight.

The only thing I won’t refuse to unironnically listen to is the Spider-man 3 version of Drive that Funky Soul. Yeah, that one.

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I was watching The Exorcist a moment ago, and I stopped at the moment when


. . . Regan’s eyes become blank. It’s at ~48 min IIRC.

I’m scarred for life now.