Favorite music?

Hey everyone! What kinda music do you guys listen to? I listen to electro swing, sOme rock, some pop, electro jazz, edm, and a mix of said genres.

Some of my boPs:
Hit The Road Jack Remix
We Come Together
My Ordinary Life

I can’t wait to see what you all listen to! :}

Like a crazy variety? No major chords though.

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Eyyyy minor key is the sHit

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I know, my friend, I know. Also I prefer songs that a psychopath could empathize with, oh, wait. That’s a contradiction of terms.

oh wow my guy— u got any examples lol? (aLsO aRe u oK loL?)

Huhh! I’ll listen to those, also I hope you get help. :<

I don’t really listen to music but to desperately cover sounds from outside my room, though there are some kinds of music I like.

  • Programming music
  • Celtic music
  • Audio memes

By the way, there’s a thread for sharing music.

ahh ok! I didn’t see that lol. But that’s cool!

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All of you have the wrong answer.


What is programming music? Is it an audio file of the noises involved in someone staring at a screen for a few minutes and then type something, just to delete it a second later?

No, it’s more music taken from Sci-Fi games or movies.

Those are good examples.

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Ohh shit that’s actually pretty good lol.

Also here:

And here:

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Never gonna give you up- rick astley
Rush E
Thriller by michael jackson
Oh yeah by yello
Soviet anthem(because of it’s use in memes)