Music Suggestion Thread

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To start some activity here (and also to test how embedding various types of media works), how about a thread for suggesting music you think everyone should listen to? Try to be a little obscure.

Please post a maximum of three links per post, and don’t double post to cheat and add more.

I’ll start:

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A couple more of my favourites to help keep this thread going (the first is the entire reason I have this profile picture):

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A personal favourite of mine from the music used in bioshock 2:

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Band: Alestorm
Song: Drink
Genre: Pirate Metal

Band: Bernelius
Song: Black Fissure
Genre: Stoner Blues Rock

Song: Energia
Genre: Russian Turbo Polka Metal

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This thread is the gift that keeps on giving

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Real hip hop from our boi Proto.
I’m sorry,please don’t send me to Belgium.

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Here’s a few songs I really like.

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Merry post-easter

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^warning very bloody in a strip club just hear the music dont watch the video

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