Music Suggestion Thread

Test to see if bandcamp links work.

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This was not what I thought a song with the name “Air” would sound like…


Now that you mention Bandcamp, it reminds me we should also test other music streaming services and how they embed. For example…

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Discourse won’t Let Me Upload a WAV file

Upload it somewhere else and add a link to it?

Artist: Red Vox

Album: Another Light

Genre: Indie Rock

Favorite Song: In the Garden (Track 11)

Artist: Raveneye

Album: Breaking Out (EP)

Genre: Hard Rock

Favorite Song: Hey Hey Yeah (Track 3)

Artist: Nekrogoblikon

Album: Welcome to Bonkers

Genre: Goblin Metal

Favorite Song: Goblins (Track 11)

Hey, I recognise that name from somewhere

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A very odd mix…


couldnt find the music for the game, but was able to post the game with the music here


do you think that shadow of the colossus and gears of war 2 may be some of my favourite games, pfft

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Don’t smite me for the double post

Erm, why are you putting 50’s music in a evolution game, exactly? There is nothing wrong with it it just seems out of place with some of the rest of the posts. (correct me if im wrong)

That’s not what this thread is for. This thread is just a thread were people can post songs they like, completely unrelated to Thrive (That’s why it’s in “Not Thrive”)


Because this.

Oh, didnt know that somehow :man_shrugging:

So if this is the case, i can be free to post music (sorry for teh double post fam)

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