February Favorite - A month of love (for ourselves and for the forum members)

I thought of something relatively nice and beautiful in honor of the month of February - also known as the month of love. And there is no better way than to write something nice about our friends in our forum or ourselves or anyone who was or contributed to the game that we all gathered together.

That’s why I decided to open the “February Favorite” (or FF for short. [As a Lol player, this is also the code to open the surrender vote, but we’ll leave that aside])

And I want to start if something small:
Who do you think is the contributor to the atmosphere of the forum?

The rules are very simple:

  1. Write nice things to those you want to contact! The insults are out of place
  2. Didn’t use the “mentioned” option, just to not annoy others (he can always get frustrated), but I think it’s just as an option, but who knows?
  3. Enjoy!

I will start:
Hhyyrylainen has always been here and I don’t remember a moment when he didn’t help. He was always here and was always open and nice to us, and I think that without him, this forum would not last and I think he deserves all our love to him.

Don’t be shy, be who you think you are! This is a month of love and there is no better way than to love ourselves (and the community).

(It will only take place during the month of February and then no more.)


Doom is cracked at forum games


Zenzone is absolutely mad levels of writing (he is still an agent of Leviathan tho)


Nie is a really nice and sweet person to talk to and is belgium brave to keep trying not let depression take over their life.


Trappist-1e uses belgium a lot which is funny


Willow is always really enthusiastic with their ideas. Even if they are hard for others to understand or break the bounds of what is actually possible, that enthusiasm can be almost infectious


whenever twilight makes forum games they are always a higher quality than i feel like i could make without years of practice


Nobody will ever like me in this community. But I love the devs passion for an “impossible game” and I wish them a great lives. And everyone else in community too


Gotta give some love to the whole forum game topic and everyone who ever made a forum game
Without them, the forums wouldn’t even be the same, and probably won’t be as active


I don’t like picking favourites. I like almost everyone in the forum. Pretty much all of you are great people! Thanks for being here!


Thanks for keeping the game alive!

“Si juvabien, c’est juvamine!”

— French proverb

Okay, enough with the trolling.


Hello everyone! I just thought I’d make a little post here so I can say how much I appreciate everyone in this amazing online community. Everybody here is so welcoming and kind, and I just wanted to say thank you! I hope you’re all having an amazing day!


enough said


ForumGameMaster really is a Forum game master and is gonna make another game today!
Why did you facepalm @TwilightWings21

Cause this thread is meant to compliment others not yourself


Oliverer makes great videos, and so does Narotiza!

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